Tyiana Thompson -  Mrs. Kentucky 2017










Kentucky meet your new Mrs. Kentucky 2017, Tyiana Thompson. Tyiana is a Henderson, KY native, but currently resides in Louisville, KY. As the Enrollment Manager for Online Learning at the University of Louisville, Tyiana has 10 years of experience in post-secondary education administration. She attended Eastern Kentucky University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Master of Science in Management from Sullivan University in Louisville. Tyiana is currently researching Ph.D. programs centered around diversity in education. 

Education is extremely important to Tyiana. During her time at Eastern Kentucky University she discovered she wanted to help others realize their potential. If they didn’t receive support or encouragement prior to meeting her, she wanted to be the person to instill that in them. It was there that she had the opportunity to ignite her desire to help make education available to everyone who pursues it. 

During the past decade Tyiana has created community outreach initiatives that target minority and first generation students. She has worked with college and university officials to increase recruitment efforts to demographics who may not be exposed to the idea of education and university admissions process. Tyiana has been recognized and promoted within the educational ranks for her incessant desire to achieve more—her achievement is seeing others succeed. Tyiana is very fortunate that she now has a career that gives her the platform to instill the importance of education in others, and to assist in the journey to accomplish goals. 

Tyiana’s chosen platform is education, specifically accessibility and diversity in education. Her husband, Tony Thompson is VP, Commercial and Institutional Banking at PNC bank. He has 11 years of experience in banking, having served in various positions. Tony and Tyiana are very active within their community both personally and professionally, they understand the importance of academic and financial instruction. In their respective positions both Tony and Tyiana have a responsibility to educate individuals to aid them in making good decisions for themselves, their family and the community. 

Tyiana’s small town upbringing has helped her realize that communities need people who have the passion and ability to facilitate positive change. “I grew up in the small town of Henderson, KY with 3 siblings, a loving mother and step-father. I was very involved in church and school, and my mother relentlessly instilled confidence and the idea of ambition in me. My mother has worked for the same company for 34 years, while my step-father was a teacher for 44 years. Watching their dedication and work ethic as both parents and professionals gave me a grand example of what it takes to be successful and reach goals. It is my mission as Mrs. Kentucky to make a difference by instilling the value of education in our youth.” 

“I am very excited about this next adventure in my life. I am extremely humbled to be in a position that positively impacts lives and be a role model. I hope I am an inspiration to everyone. I believe you truly can do whatever you want in life, but you have to work hard. One thing I have learned is nothing comes easy, it takes hard work and dedication to achieve goals.” As long as you keep God and family close, you can do anything!”